Macintosh Theme

Macintosh Theme

Bring an Apple flavor to your S60 phone


  • Gorgeous wallpaper
  • Neat clock skin


  • Menu icons aren't 'Maccy' enough


If you're a big fan of Apple but haven't got round to getting an iPhone yet then check out this fetching Macintosh Theme.

The installation changes the background wallpaper on your S60 device, placing that famous logo in the center of your screen, in front of a striped black and gray backdrop. The Macintosh Theme also places a shiny new analog clock on the front page, and adds some gorgeous 3D program shortcut icons too.

The Macintosh Theme does change a few of the system icons as well, but in my opinion it doesn't go far enough to port the OS X icon style to the Series 60 interface. It's a shame because this really would make it seem like you were using an Apple product every time you picked up your Series 60 phone.

But if you're bored of your mobile's current look then the Macintosh Theme is still a great-looking replacement, especially if you're an Apple fan.

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Macintosh Theme


Macintosh Theme

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